How it all started...


Almost 8 years is how long I’ve been creating baby blankets for!

It all started when my friends started to have babies and I couldn’t find anything amazing to gift to them. Soooo what did I do, I got out my sewing machine and whipped something up!

Baby Shower #1 happened and I made this cool blanket with pink floral print on the front and soft pink chevron minky on the back! My friend was soo grateful especially because it was something that I had made!

I got addicted to that buzz and from that point on anyone that I knew that was having a pēpi I would make a baby blanket.

Look at how gorgeous miss Ketia is with that very same baby blanket I made. Her māmā tells me she still uses it and it's one of her favourites!

Fast track to 2020 and I now have awesome support peeps (you guys) and an online store for baby blankets, wraps and quilts.

Thank you again for following and supporting my journey with AWHI Company.

It means the world to me! 


Ngā mihi nui ,


Tasmyn xx

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