Ongoing journey

Te Reo Māori Journey...


My Te Reo Māori journey started in High School year 9 and all my mates were jumping into Yr11 Māori. So what did I do, jumped in the same class lol.

It was a bit ambitious from learning almost nothing at Primary school to jumping in a class where everyone was from Kura Kaupapa Māori.

I learnt a lot but I dropped out of it the year later as it was too hard for a kid that didn’t even know the basics.

Fast track 13 years and I’m finally on track to reclaiming our language. Completed a Level 2 class at Te Wānanga O Aoteroa last year and it was awesome. Its started to solidify some of the things that I already knew and grow parts where I wasn’t so confident. 

The best way I learn is by sharing it with others. This is what I do here at AWHI. I learn words and sentences and I share them with you through our products to normalise our language and culture for our next generation. 


Noho ora mai, 



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