Paraikete - Blanket


Did you or anyone else you know had a blankie or something to suck on or hōngi 24/7 when they were pēpi? Remember those wool blankets with a silky edge? My sister had one of those and loooved it!


My comfort was my Mum’s dark grey silky dressing gown! Lol

We were going out for dinner one night with the whānau (I would of been like 3) when my uncle ripped it up into a little square so I didn’t have to drag the whole thing in there. I look back at it now and think how traumatised I would have been lol.

That’s what gets me about baby blankets. It’s something that our pēpi can literally have forever! It’s the smells and the connection you have to it from a newborn. It provided a safe place where you knew you are loved and cared for no matter what. 

Awhi Company was born from this whakāro. A paraikete (blanket) that provides your pēpi with a safe, warm and loving feeling for many years to come. 


1. (verb) (-hia,-ngia,-tia) to embrace, hug, cuddle, cherish.


Thats what I love knowing that these blankets literally get to awhi each and every pēpi that is gifted one.


Send me a message or a photo I'd love to see what your blankie looked like!


Tasmyn xx

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